The History of Lions

By:Denise Soliz

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King of the Jungle.

With a really cool mane.

Lion's Survival Guide

History on Lions

Lions, or should I say the Panthera Leo, you know that's the scientific name for who we commonly call the Afican Lion. Before getting to know their history, I feel you shoul learn some facts about these carnivious creatures.Their group name is called a pride, if that name is somewhat familiar to you then you've watched "The Lion King" before. Lion's don't hunt alone, they are stronger together. Lions are mammals, very heavy ones too, they weigh around 265-420 pounds. Now that you know a little more about lions, let's continue with their history.

Long ago Lions lived in Southern Europe, Africa, and also Asia. You can mainly find these ferocious creatures in Africa. Lions have lived on this earth for about 124,000 years ago which isn't that long since humans have been liviong on this planet for around 200,000 years ago. These lions have split into two groups, now if you ask me they shouldn't have done that. One of the two groups are in risk of becoming extinct! This group is in Central and West Africa, now lets not forget India. Sadly there are very few fossil remains because they live in tropical areas. These poor creatures have gone through a lot, being wiped out by humans, how could our own kind be so mean? What did these lions do? Well people kill lions mainly after their livestock has been killed. You decide who's right.

Reasons Why I Love Lions

I'm not going to be biased of anything, but the main reason why I love these adorable creatures is because my zodiac sign is a leo. All my life I would collect lion hats, lion shirts, anything with a lion on it. Now I know that lion's are all big and scary, but watching the lion king every night because your cousin made you sit with her and re-watch the same movie until she fell a sleep, really makes you have a soft side for lions.

I also love lions because they've always been like the strong person you'd want to be. Lion's represent the king, the ruler! The one that bosses everyone around and always wanted the attention. When I was little, I was really shy and super sensitive. Lions (I know this sounds funny) changed my life. I learned to be strong, and to speak in front of classrooms.

What to do When Encountered a Lion:

Do's Dont's
Make a lot of noises Bend your back and crouch
Swing your arms wildly Turn and run
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